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Horse search is an exciting new website providing horses for sale and ponies for sale, across all equestrian disciplines. Plus, a place to advertise Equestrian Businesses in our Directory.

And is Quick, Simple, and Easy to use.

Plus we provide a place for equestrian businesses: Horse Dealers and an extensive Equestrian Directory to be able to advertise, providing you with information and contact details from them that may also help you find your next horse or pony, or a service you need.

To find out more visit the ‘What is a Horse Dealer? or ‘Horse Search Equestrian Directory  pages.

Horse Search was launched in October 2020 with the sole purpose of bringing together the equestrian community and creating a great place to place classified adverts and search for horses and ponies for sale. All at fair advertising prices with no added extras.

Horse Search was founded by Nicola Warren, based in Gloucestershire, UK. Nicola has been very involved with horses from a young age, having started off in a local riding school at 7years old, to now having worked in the equestrian industry as a groom and rider for over 10 years, at various yards from hunting to racing to dressage and eventing.

As well as working in the industry, she has also owned her own horses for over 15 years and over that time has enjoyed competing and training in many disciplines including, showjumping, dressage, team chasing, hunting and eventing

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On Horse Search, we want to bring together the equestrian community by providing a place to put classified adverts of horses and ponies for sale, plus Horse Dealer and Horse Searcher businesses.

We provide a place for owners to advertise individual/private horses and ponies for sale,  when placing an advert you can add up to 5 photos of your horse or pony, links you tube for videos and all relevant information a potential buyer may need to know at bargain advertising prices at just £10 for a 30 day advert.

There are no hidden costs for advertising, just one easy and affordable price.

We also provide information from businesses of Horse Dealers yards, these are professionals whom manage a yard and have horse and ponies in to produce and sell on to new owners. They are a great option for people who want to potentially view multiple horses or ponies in one day or that want some extra guidance on what horse or pony may be best suited for them.

Equestrian Directory  Is providing a place for horse owners and riders to find local businesses that they need, from coaches  and grooms in your area to equine physios and dentists.

Or follow the ‘Place an advert’ link to place a horse for sale or pony for sale, or to advertise your equestrian business or advertise as a horse dealer it’s so simple to do!

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If you want an expert to find a horse or pony for you and you want more information about how a Horse Dealer can help you, or if you want to talk to or find one in your area then simply follow the links below!

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