Hi, it’s Tori here, the owner/manager of T.T Sports Horses! We look after 20 horses here at the livery stables. Here is a little insight about what it takes to keep everything in the yard fresh and maintained. The spring clean is to make sure it’s a clean environment for the horses to be in and also nice for employees to work in.

First off, we remove all the bedding, take out all the rubber mats, pressure wash everything including the hay bars (we use a high intensity diesel powered pressure washer to ensure that everything is cleaned thoroughly).

We use a disinfectant called Virkon. It is used to rid bacteria, viruses and some fungi. It has been proven to be effective against the SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease.

The interiors of the stables are painted to brighten it up and give it a new lease of life. When the paint has all dried properly, we use an oil to treat the wood to keep it varnished and in a good condition.

Once the stable is dry, rubber mats are put back in. We hoover all cobwebs, this is done as a fire precaution, also to prevent allergy flare-ups and keep it all looking nice and presentable.

Fresh bedding of 5 bales of Eventus is put in. Click the link or copy and paste it into your search bar to grab some bargains with our discount code TT5 https://www.eventusbedding.co.uk/.

While doing this, all the stables are checked over for any wear & tear or for any general maintenance that may need doing.

In the feed room all the bins are pulled out and pressure washed. The feed rooms, buckets and scoops etc are all cleaned to a high standard.

Before the feed bins are put back in, we put down bait behind them. We always use a fully qualified professional pest control service to do this for us. *Disclaimer* take extra care to ensure under no circumstances do any children, animals or any other non-target species come into contact with the product as it is a toxic substance.

The rug and tack rooms are all cleaned and organised so everyone knows where things are and can get jobs done quicker.

We buy a lot of things that we need from D&H Animal husbandry. They have extensive knowledge of the industry and invaluable experience in the field. They develop unique products to assist in the challenges that we face every day. Combined with this D&H hold huge stocks of your everyday consumables and make them available to you on a rapid delivery service – direct to your door!

Click on the link to check out their website https://www.dandhgroup.co.uk

We carry out any fence repairs and use Creosote. It’s a great way to keep the ravishing effects of the British weather from shortening the life of your timber. It’s great against wood-rotting fungi and wood-destroying insects on external timbers.

Finally, to maintain the paddocks we analyse the soil and use fertiliser to help boost grass growth. We harrow to remove dead grass and level off poaching areas to promote new grass growth, then we roll to repair any damage that may have been done during the winter. Reseed areas where required such as gateways and fence lines. Top grass if required – keeping the length above 5cm.

Thank you so much for taking your time out to read this, and thank you to @horsesearchuk for letting us use their platform to share our blog 😊 if you have anything you would like to ask, please comment below and stay tuned for more blogs and updates posted throughout the year!