Brand Ambassador Q&A – TT Sports Horses

Tori is the owner of TT Sports Horses. Tori is dedicated to providing a fantastic facility, as well as producing young, quality horses through the grades and coaching other riders to achieve their goals. TT Sports Horses was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision and commitment from Tori Desborough and her team. Since opening, they have been continuing to develop their facilities, and have had the opportunity to help countless clients with services such as schooling, backing, livery, clinics and training services. The development of their spa and rehabilitation facilities means that TT Sports Horses will soon be offering even more services to support both horse and rider.

What do you like to do away from the horses?

I like to spend time with my family, making memories.  I also love going to the cinema, meals out and a very rare spa day with the girls to relax.

How did you come across Horse Search? What made you choose it?

Instagram – I loved Horse Search because they also use their social media platform to promote your ads which means they get seen by a wider audience and also a lot more cost effective than other sites.

What made you want to be a BA?

I love working with companies that are passionate and believe in working together to help one another enhance their business platforms.  I believe strongly that we need a really user friendly, affordable way to market businesses in one place.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Loads but here are a few….

This is my fave from my Mum

“You are not that important for anyone to care” When I used to worry about who was watching me when I was younger.

“Each Horse is an individual, there is no one method fits all. Learn to adapt, listen and be better.”

“Give In, Give up or Give it all you got”

“Be organised to be less stressed – old saying of fail to prepare prepare to fail” I am a massive believer in being over prepared and organised from having whiteboards on the lorry to having everything loaded- spare tacks, bits, you name it I have it, I don’t like not knowing what’s going on.

How do you balance work/horses with social life etc.

This is something I actually struggle with as I am kind of all or nothing, I have had to learn to trust my team and give them responsibility so I can take a break and be with my family. Having people you can rely on is the key to being able to manage a large team of horses and take time to switch off. I give myself a day off every Monday and I also make sure I have social media messages set to automatic respond after a certain time, I used to panic about replying straight away but I have learnt that I need to concentrate on what I am doing and schedule better.

What does your typical work day look like?

8am Start for team to feed and muck out

(My Childcare arrives between 8.30/9am)

My first horse is tacked up straight away.

Yard is completed by 10.30am

We continue riding until 12.30


Continue riding

Turn out bring in Groom/Walker/Equissage and anything on rota

Teaching from 2pm

Finish 5pm

Biggest achievements to date

5th International 2star in Europe

Internations Bronze

National Team Qualifer Winner

National Team Final 6th

Producing Young Horses to sell in UK, Europe, America and Dubai

Goals for the future 
Compete more internationals

Continue producing quality young horses

Young horse shows

National Finals

Continue training riders

Tell us a bit more about the other businesses you work with.

Nags Essentials

Discount Code TT10

​Nags Essentials offers the latest and widest range of equestrian equipment in Norfolk, They offer a friendly shopping experience with expert equestrian team for advice and support.

Expert Bits

Discount Code TORI10

Expert Bits is the new revolutionary family-owned bitting brand from bitting consultant and advisor Matt Waterworth, The Bit Expert. With over 15 years bitting experience, Matt has put his knowledge to good use and launched his unique debut bit collection in 2017.

Eventus Bedding

Discount Code TT5

Eventus shavings have been developed by equestrians and professionals with your horse’s health and performance in mind. Eventus shavings are dust extracted to the highest standard in a state of the art baling plant in order to keep your horses respiratory health in the best condition possible whilst providing vital comfort in the stable.

T.T Horsebox Hire

Discount Code TT5

Fantastic 3.5t  Vauxhall Movano manual horsebox. Loved by all of our customers for its great quality with reinforced flooring and walls, Horse and reversing cameras. Easy and economical drive with comfort of luxury leather seating for 3, We have all insurance and breakdown covered but also its unbeatable price. We provide a variety of customisable options for you to choose from including Half Day to Entire weekend hire. Bespoke packages available on request

Janet Luck Human and Equine Sport Massage

Janet Luck is a qualified and insured human sports and holistic massage therapist, able to treat you and your horse. She is able to have an insight in to how you are working together to perform at your ultimate best.

Rearing to Go Rug Cleaning

Has facilities to clean all your washable equine and pet accessories at reasonable prices – individuals to large yards taken on. Collection and delivery service. As well as a tack shop for a very personal service at March.