Get an Abundant Mindset and the Future You Deserve! Bryony Parker Finance Coach


Get an abundant mindset and the future you deserve.

You have all probably heard by now of the Law of Attraction, but do you fully understand how it can help you achieve your dreams?

Take the law of gravity, we don’t have to understand it fully to know that it is true.  Much like the Law of Attraction, we might not totally understand how it happens, but I can definitely tell you it exists.

During this programme you will learn more about the Law of Attraction, how to get an abundant mindset, learn that our thoughts are not necessarily the truth, understand how to think more positively and get more joy into your life and how to manifest your dreams.

We will also look at your money blocks, how to reframe those limiting beliefs, and why we spend like we do.  You will also learn about how getting visible on your finances can help your money go further.

Do you want to. . .

  • Become more successful, you have tried loads of things but don’t seem to be getting it right?
  • Get an abundant mindset and move on from the feeling of never having enough?
  • Understand why you spend like you do and want to learn new habits.
  • Uncover what money block you have, so that you can move beyond that.
  • Uncover the limiting beliefs you have that are blocking you and move on?
  • Change your mindset so that you can gain more confidence, worth or self-belief?
  • Learn how to change your life for the better, so that you can do more and take the next step?
  • Feel happier, more positive, and joyous?

What are we covering?  

During the 8 weeks we will cover the following subjects: –

Week 1 – Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a universal law that has been around for millennia, it states that what you focus on expands. We learn how to be careful of our thoughts and the energy we are putting out to the universe.

Week 2 – Our thoughts are powerful

Be careful what you wish for as what you focus on will come about. And we also learn that our thoughts are not necessarily the truth and that we can tell ourselves a new story.

Week 3 – Start new habits

We find out about our limiting beliefs, how to find what they are, how to reframe them. Also, learn how using gratitude and affirmations can change your subconscious mind and bring joy into your life.

Week 4 – How to manifest your dreams

I will show you how to visualise your goals and dreams, how to use a vision board and how to act as if to manifest your dreams.

Week 5 – Money Mindset

Let’s find out what money blocks you have, where they might have come from, how to reframe them and learn to love your money.  

Week 6 – Spending Personalities

Why do you spend like you do? It might surprise you to know that we all spend differently. We uncover your spending personality and how to work with it.   

Week 7 – Visibility

To make your money last longer, or to have more at the end of the month you need to see what you are spending it on. Getting visible on your spending helps you plan and save.

Week 8 – Make your money last longer

To have more money you need to spend less, or at least understand what you are buying.  Knowing what you spend your money on and why helps you to budget and always have money left at the end of the month.

Hi lovely, I’m Bryony

I am a Finance, Money Mindset and Law of Attraction coach. I help female entrepreneurs like you build a thriving mindset and business.  

Let me tell you a bit about me. . .

I’m just a horsey girl from rural Leicestershire, who while growing up was either lambing ewes, driving tractors, hay making or riding my pony, Sophie.  

I am a Law of Attraction certified practitioner and totally understand the power of the mind and our limiting beliefs. I have manifested things into my life that I never thought possible, that’s why I know I can help you change your mindset too.

I am also a qualified accountant, have been in finance for over 30 years, I am an experienced business advisor and now I am a coach and I love it. I have had lots of success with clients so far and I know I can help you.

So, what’s included…   

  • 8 x Weekly group 60-minute Zoom call with me
  • Access to replays if you cannot make the live zoom.
  • Access to me via email for the duration of the course
  • A dedicated Facebook page, where you get to ask me anything, and get to know the other group members. Make connections and get support and accountability
  • My top tip resources and templates


Pay in Full – £495

Pay in Installments

3 x £170 – £510

6 x £85 = £510

“Bryony was so knowledgeable, helpful and explained things that made it easy for me to understand”

“Bryony is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions in an easy and relatable way. No question felt too silly to ask”

When do we start?…  

I am limiting spaces on this group programme to less than 10, as I want it to be interactive. Each 60-minute session will be held via Zoom and shared as replays to the Facebook group.

There will be weekly workbooks to complete and share on the Facebook page, prizes will be won by the people who are most interactive in the group.

Starting Tuesday 24th May, and each live weekly session will be Tuesdays at 2pm. The cart is open now and will close Monday 21st at Midnight.

The first 2 to book get a FREE complimentary 60-minute power hour with me. What a Billy bargain!  🎉💜