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The Horse Search Equestrian Directory is here to provide a whole host of equestrian services and professionals. Ranging from farriers, grooms, saddle fitters, equine dentists and many more professions. If you are an equestrian professional you can advertise your availability, key skills and experience. Get discovered by potential employers and clients.

The aim of the Horse Search Equestrian Directory is for any service you may need for your horse, or yourself as a rider and owner you can find it here on Horse Search. Add your business by using the button below

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Find the Equestrian Professional you need by using the Horse Search Equestrian Directory.

On Horse Search, find a great range of Equestrian Businesses in our Directory, learn more below.

What Professions?

The Equestrian directory will provide the businesses of:

  • Farriers
  • Saddle fitters
  • Horse Bitting specialists
  • Equine Dentist
  • Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation. (Physio, Chiro etc.)
  • Freelance groom/ rider
  • Professional riders
  • Personal trainers (Rider fitness)
  • Instructor / Coach
  • Tack stores and shops
  • Arenas to hire
  • Hire and transporters
  • Livery yards (DIY/Part/ Full)
  • Nutritionist (Horse)
  • Clipping services and sharpening

If you think you have a service that you can provide that isn’t listed above let us know what it is by contacting us or just simply add a listing of your own today.


On the Horse Search Equestrian Directory we provide an information box where each professional can provide details of there experience and qualifications. It is always best to do some research as to what qualifications people hold to avoid wasting money, time, and to make sure you are getting the absolute best treatment available for your horse.
We also provide details of Personal trainers as we know how important (and difficult it can be) being fit ourselves as a rider is, especially once you start competing and moving up the levels.
So, whether it be a transporter you need to help get you to a show, a physiotherapist to help improve your horses performance or recovery from a injury, a freelance groom that offers holiday cover, or a farrier to shoe your horse, you can easily and simply find a Equestrian Professional in your area on Horse Search.

Be honest

The adverts for the Businesses on the Equestrian Directory on the website have a place to provide up to date testimonials from previous clients they have provided a service for.
Also included in their business adverts are:

Information about them.

The qualifications they hold and the experience they have in the equestrian industry.

The services they provide and areas they cover.
Any people placing an advert on the Equestrian Directory can link to their own website or social media page so you can find out even more information through those sources.

Why use a Equestrian Directory?

There are many reason you may want to use an advertised professional from the Equestrian Directory on Horse Search, for example, to give you multiple options of the services people provide on your area. You can check testimonials, and each individual business is easily contactable via the details they add on the advert.

This may be very time saving for you as a horse owner or be especially helpful if new to owning a horse or new to the area.

If you think you would like to add your business on to Horse Search then click here, the advert stays live for 6 months and once placed can be very easily edited. 

Or on the other hand go check out the professionals already advertised using the box below.

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