How do I place an advert on Horse Search?

On the website:

Click on ‘Add a listing’ via the home page or menu. You will need to create a Horse Search account – which is free of charge. Once you have placed your advert and completed payment, you will receive a confirmation email containing a copy of your invoice.

Emailing an advert:

If emailing an advert: Send all the text you want on the advert, images and video links. Please remember to include your contact details so we can get in touch to arrange payment. This can be made via credit or debit card over the phone or we can send you a PayPal invoice. Please note your advert will not go live prior to payment being received.

Phone or WhatsApp – If you are still struggling then call 07506 087 383

Business adverts:
For business adverts email [email protected] for further information or to set up an advert. Phone or WhatsApp – If you are still struggling then call 07506 087 383

How much does it cost to post an advert?

Single horse adverts are £10 for 30 day classified advert.

Business adverts for Horse Dealers are £15 for a 6 month classified advert.

Business adverts for the directory are £15 for a 6 month classified advert.

Can I edit my advert?

Yes, if you go on to your personal Horse Search account, all editing of adverts you wish to make can be done through there. You can also mark your horse as sold through here, and change or add photos.

How long will my advert be online?

30days for single adverts from going live.

6months for business adverts .

How do I pay for my advert?

By credit / debit card or PayPal or by phone.

Any problems with payment please call:07506 087 383

Can I renew my advert?

Yes, just go to your Horse Search account and click the renew link. You will be emailed prior to the advert expiring.

How do I find the horses for Sale?

You can use our advanced search on the homepage to find Horses or ponies for sale that fit the criteria you are looking for. Plus, being able to search for our horse dealers and horse searchers from here. Also, on the home page find the latest horse listing with new horses that have been recently added to the site.

How to use the Equestrian Directory?

Using the Equestrian Directory is so simple, if you run any equestrian business like the ones suggested on your Horse Search Equestrian Directory page the you can simply add you business on to the website for a 6 month listing.

For more information or if you have any further questions on this please email [email protected] or have a look at the ‘What is a Horse Searcher?’ 

What is a horse dealer?

A horse dealer is a equestrian professional that makes a living from buying and selling horses.

On Horse Search all horse dealers can add details of when they started there business and our adverts provide a space for dealers to provide previous customer testimonials to help give you confidence in the dealer you choose. We ask testimonials are updated every time you place or renew an advert so we can have reviews of most recent costumers.

Visit our ‘What is a Horse dealer?’ page to find out more on what a Horse Dealer could do for you or if you wish to place an advert as a Horse Dealer.

How do I contact Horse Search?

If you still have any questions please don’t hesitate to fill out the form on our contact us page.

Or you can email us at: [email protected]