This week, we shine the spotlight on one of our Equestrian & Rural Directory businesses, Ollie & Co.! Kirsty tells us more about this fabulous small business.

Ollie & Co offer a range of products handmade in the UK for Dog, Horse & Human. My mood and wellness enhancing grooming range has been thoughtfully made with Organic, Human-Grade ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. My dog collars aim to encapsulate British craft and Italian design and turn these into something dazzling for your dog to wear. My unique perspective also extends to the home & gifts for dog lovers, individual whilst staying quintessentially British and timeless.

The name Ollie & Co was inspired by my mother’s dog name, Ollie. The CO part is company, my dog. I just loved the name Ollie & Co, as its upbeat, jolly and sounds dog orientated. I had always wanted to create a brand.

I have really wanted to branch out into the equestrian market for quite some time now. I have a love of horses and creating natural products for pets so once my dog range was established, I started to look into the niche market of equine and its very niche! As with my range for dogs, I would first look at problems riders might face on a daily basis, and any needs, wants or gaps in the market. I then looked at essential oils, and what natural ingredients I could incorporate into the product to provide the best treatment. I am a huge fan of essential oils and the benefits of their healing properties for almost everything. Essential oils are the pure undiluted essence of a plant, when used in products they can have amazing natural benefits.

My favourite thing about running my own brand is that it’s an absolute pleasure, not chore! The brand has gradually grown from all my passions combined and keeps on growing, developing, and moulding every day. It’s almost like a never-ending painting. Its small, and adaptable to change, demand and trends within the economy and fashion, which means it can quickly adapt last minute to a new idea or if something isn’t working. We are amidst of a recession and this is having a huge effect on small and large businesses, I think we are all in struggling times, but it’s the ability to see in retail any adaptations needed, re-invent, create and change to consumer preferences that can keep us afloat. I have an avid interest in retail, my mother used to run a large store during its peak trading called BHS and felt the wrath & demise of the Arcadia group and Philip Green, late 2000’s. Since this, I have realised it’s good to stay humble and never to presume you are by any-means king of the retail castle (Philip green) as everything can change just like the wind.

Insta:  @OllieandCoEngland