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Feb 16

Welcome to our 5 new Horse Search Brand Ambassadors!! Meet The Team!!!

Jan 27
The Horse Search Brand Ambassador Search 2021

NOW OPEN Horse Search is looking for Brand Ambassadors!! The Horse Search BRAND…

Jan 14
Yoga for Horse Riders

How can yoga greatly improve your Horse Riding? As horse owners and horse riders, we…

Jan 01
Goal setting for Horse Riders

5 top tips to help you set and achieve your goals this year! A new year usually means…

Dec 10
The Dangers of Buying Horses Unseen

How are we buying horses in 2020? Coronavirus and Lockdown 2020 has been tough, some…

Dec 03
Horse Riding Stirrups – The Best Buyers Guide out there!

In this blog, we have researched a vast selection of popular stirrup choices on the…

Oct 20
Stable Vices in Horses

Blog providing information on stable vices also known as stereotypic behaviours in…

Oct 05
Colic in Horses, how can you help your horse.

Advice for horse owners on how to deal with colic in horses and how to try and prevent…

Oct 02
Clipping Horses

A blog with great advice on how to clip, what to do when viewing a horse for sale with…

Aug 24
Welcome to Horse Search

Welcome to Horse Search, a new website for buying, selling, and advertising Horses and…