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Placing an Horse for sale/ Pony for sale, or Equestrian Business advert is quick, simple, and easy. Just follow the link below to place an advert on the website at one low cost. From here you can provide all the information you need to about the horse or pony you are selling plus any photos and links to any you tube videos you have.

Or, you can also follow the link if you are a Horse Dealer or have an Equestrian Business and would like to place an advert for the business you provide.

how to sell your horse on Horse Search

How much does it cost?

We offer 3 different classified packages, Standard, Horse Dealers and Horse Searches.


£ 10 for 30 days
  • Advertise a single horse or pony
  • 5 photos
  • Unlimited text

Horse Dealer

£ 15 for 185 days
  • Advertise a single business, Horse Dealer or Sales yard
  • Advert includes photos and text

Equestrian Directory

£ 15 for 185 days
  • Advert for a single Equestrian Business.
  • Advert includes photos and text

Information for adverts

When describing the horse or pony you are selling in an advert aim to provide as much information as possible. The basics such as height, age, sex, breeding, colour are essential.

Competition history and when it was last out competing. Talk about all the disciplines it has taken part in, (like fun rides, eventing, BS, BD etc) and what the horses temperament is like both at home and if its different in a show setting.

It is also important to add information on what your horse is like on a day to day basis to deal with, for example is it good to catch, shoe, box, clip and hack. And does it have any vices or previous injuries that a new owner would need to be aware of.

Take great photos of your horses

Photos are vital when placing a horse or pony advert online, and with the use of smart phones now its easy to collect a good selection. It’s best to collect a good range of photos and try and have them match to the discipline you are aiming the horse for.

For example if it’s a hunt horse people will want to see photos of it out hunting and with the hounds, a Showjumper will want to see photos of a horse over a show jump and at the relevant height you have described it as able to jump.

On Horse Search you can add up to 5 photos so a good range without tack, riding on the flat and over fences is great for the potential buyer to see.

Use of Videos

Often one of the first questions a possible buyer will ask when calling or messaging about a horse for sale is: do you have any videos?

To make selling process faster and more efficient get a collection in the run up to advertising a horse for sale so they are ready to be sent straight over.

Video as much as possible so someone can get a real idea of the horse or pony they are looking at, walking and trotting up on a hard surface. Flatwork, jumping show jumps and cross country fences, if relevant.

Other great videos to collect would be as simple as tacking up, mounting the horse, loading on to a trailer or horse box, and clipping.

Advertise your horse today!

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