Blog 1: Introduction

Welcome to our new series from one of our fabulous brand ambassadors, Georgie from GEM Sports Horses! Every fortnight, Georgie will be updating us on what she’s been getting up to. In this first edition, she gives us a humorous introduction to her life as a freelancer and yard owner!

A little introduction to me, because there are lots of new followers and lots of things have changed since I last wrote a blog.. 😄

I’m Georgie

I like stuff that is colourful

I dislike liars and loud eaters (horses not included)

I like to describe myself as a hard working lazy person purely because of the fact that I would rather have an extra hour in bed and finish an hour later rather than get up earlier and finish earlier. I also like to stay up late binge watching crap on tv like love island which doesn’t  help my case in any way.

Much to their annoyance I still live at home with my parents and after 22years I still somehow manage to disappear if the dishwasher needs emptying, other than that and forgetting to take my washing out of the washing machine I think I’m a pretty good daughter..

I have a boyfriend, his name is Alex. He likes riding motorbikes and will argue with me about what is more dangerous, bike or horses.. he doesn’t know it but we have agreed that it is definitely bikes. In our spare time, we compromise and go for bike rides, on pedal bikes because motorbikes are too dangerous. He will usually give up his weekend to watch me totter around on my horses at a show or clinic, I can’t say for definite that he enjoys it, he has ruined multiple pairs of his once “nice” trainers and has never had a lie in past 8am on a Sunday, which I think is totally acceptable, he on the other hand, does not 🙄

I own GEM Sports Horses – Livery & Equine Services, which when I first set up was supposed to be for buying and selling sport horses, but I ended up keeping them so i had no spare stables. This led to me being a freelancer, which I did for just over 4 years before it eventually got the better of me in terms of being physically and mentally drained -particularly in the winter months. Thanks to the old barn starting to crumble apart and desperately needing a revamp, I made the difficult decision to stop freelancing when the new barn was up. Said new barn was a lot bigger so of course I took it upon myself to stick 2 extra stables in there so I was able to resume where I started all those years ago.

So a question I get asked the most now is “what do you actually do?” Well Pamela, I am now a part time council worker doing admin stuff for like 2 days a week and for the rest of the time my days are filled with clipping horses all over the South and West Wales area and working away on my own little yard with schooling, holiday and sales liveries. I also ride a few ex race horses 3 days a week at Spiteri Retraining. My shift starts at 7.30 so i normally arrive on the yard at 8am. 

I aim to compete my own horses on a regular basis and dream of one day competing at Olympia, although my hopes of doing the Shetland grand national had sadly gone out the window.

I don’t think I need to ramble on anymore but I will be writing a blog every 2 weeks and would love to know what you guys want to hear me talk about, if you don’t suggest any topics you will probably end up reading love letters from me to my horse.

Anyway, hope you’ve had a wonderful day and speak again in 2 weeks 🙂

Love Georgie xx

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