Welcome to Horse Search

Welcome to Horse Search, a great new website providing Horses and ponies for sale around the UK. Plus, you can find and advertise your Horse Dealer and Equestrian Businesses.

Horse Search- Providing Horses and ponies for sale in the UK

My aim of Horse Search is to provide a place to advertise and browse horses and ponies for sale, including Horse Dealers that can help match you with your next horse or pony. The idea came about from working as a freelance groom and rider for over 10 years, and seeing first hand owners and the many people in the equestrian world struggle to find new horses or ponies for sale for many reasons and wasting many hours searching and viewing horses and ponies for sale with no luck in filling their empty stables.

Horse Search launched in September 2020 and has been created with the aim to make finding your next horse or pony as simple a process as possible. We hope to achieve this by having any people that sell horses or help you to find your next horse in one simple place. By allowing private/single horse advertisers to post all the relevant information they need to tell you the buyer about their horse, plus any photos and links to videos at no extra cost. Plus, having a great search filter makes finding your next horse online much easier and time-saving. Find out more about us on our ABOUT US page

All at one simple advertising price with no added extras just one affordable price. Don’t hesitate to add a listing to Horse Search today.

As well as private and individual horses and ponies for sale on Horse Search, we also provide a Horse Dealer business section. Firstly, Horse dealers: these are equestrian professionals who have yards full of ponies and/or horses that they produce to sell on and that are waiting to find new homes, they are trusted professionals that strive to match horse and rider perfectly.

All of the Horse Dealers advertised on this website have the opportunity to provide testimonials so you can see comments from previous clients that have bought horses or ponies previously .

Myself and my own horse Fly.

Secondly, we provide an Equestrian Directory. Providing a place not only for equestrian businesses to promote what they provide but also a place for horse owners, and riders to find an equestrian professional covering many different fields (farriers, arena hire, physios, dentist etc.) in there local area.

The sole aim of Horse Search is to help bring the equestrian community together and provide an easier way of searching for your horse or pony so you can quickly be back in the saddle and enjoying your new equine partner!! Plus, with our Equestrian directory providing all the services you will ever need to provide all the necessary care ( and matching saddle pads and boots) you’ll ever need!

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