What is a Horse Dealer?

Horse Dealers are equestrian professionals whom make a living from producing and selling horses and/or ponies.

They have a selection of horses or ponies available for sale at their yards, and they strive to find them great new homes by matching the suitability of Horse to rider/ owner.

Because Horse Dealers gather experience selling many horses and ponies they can quickly assess whether they think a horse is suitable for you, and as their reputation is so important to the business they have a desire to get it right and only sell horses or ponies to clients that they feel confident they have matched horse to rider perfectly.

Horse Dealer

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The other service that Horse Dealers can often provide as well as having a selection of horses and/or ponies for sale, is a sales livery, this is where (for a cost) they will sell your horse or pony for you.

This takes away all the stress and time it takes that comes with selling a horse, plus they already have a following and potential buyers coming to there yard which may lead to a quicker sale for you.

You may feel this is a good option for you if you lack time to sell your horse yourself, you don’t have facilities for selling or you just find it to emotionally difficult to have to deal with potential buyers yourself. Or you do not feel you have the confidence or experience to have to do yourself.

The dealers will keep you updated with all the viewings and potential buyers that come to view your horse or pony.


As well as the adverts a horse dealer can place providing a space to leave there testimonials from previous clients/ customers, the horse dealer adverts also provides a link to the dealer you choose website or social media accounts.

Plus, information about themselves, the yard they manage, the types of horses and disciplines the specialise in selling, how long they have been running there business for. You can follow on to there own websites or social media through our adverts and they may provide you with a current list of horses or ponies that they have available for sale or use the contact details provided in the advert to contact a horse dealer to find out more about each individual one.

Be honest

On Horse Search, we aim to provide information from only the trustworthy dealers to people looking to buy there next horse or pony.

All Horse Dealers advertised on Horse Search can provide a date of when they started their business and also a testimonial section so you can check out what experiences previous clients and customers they have sold horses or ponies to.

With these testimonials plus the links to the horse dealers website or social media you can then feel more confident in the dealer you choose.

Why use a Horse Dealer?

Horse Dealers could be the perfect way for you to easily find your next horse or pony because, they often have multiple horses available on their yard so you could view a few that may be suitable in one location saving many hours of travelling. Due to their experience, they have an eye for matching horses with riders and as a result could advise you if they think you may be thinking of a horse that actually isn’t suitable to your needs.